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FOT0715 Optical fiber cleaver
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  • FOT0715 optical fiber cleaver

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  • 10

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  • T/T

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  • 10 days

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  • Qingdao


    Product Introduction


    Optical fiber cleaver is used to cut quartz glass optical fibers as thin as hair. The ends of the cut fiber are flat after being magnified by hundreds of times before they can be used for device packaging, cold connection, and discharge welding.

    Product advantage

    Product parameters

    Product name

    FOT0715 Optical Fiber Cleaver


    100W x 80D x 62H[mm]



    Fiber Type

    Single & ribbon fiber cable cleaver

    Cleaved Length

    Single fiber: 8~20mm / Ribbon fiber : 10mm

    Applicable Fiber Cable

    Single fiber: 250 μm, 900 μm, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable
    Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable

    Typical Cleaved Angle

    Less than 0.5 Degrees

    Operation Steps

    1 Steps

    Typical Blade Life Span

    Total 48,000 fiber cleaves (1,000 fiber for 1 step * total 16 points * 3 heights)


    3in1 holder for 0.25,0.9,2.0,3.0mm fiber


    Product Application


    ● FTTX Systems 

    ● PON Networks 

    ● CATV  

    ● Optical Signal Distribution 

    ● The experiment, production and testing of optical devices

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