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FOT3220 Optical Power Meter

FOT3220 is a 3.5-inch color screen version of the high-precision optical power meter newly developed by our company. In addition to providing superior dynamic range and linearity technical indicators, it is also equipped with a rich menu function design, covering threshold alarm configuration, maximum and minimum power changes Value real-time monitoring, frequency signal detection and visual fault locator functions. When used with our light source, it also has the function of automatically identifying the wavelength of light emitted by the light source, which greatly facilitates the test link loss test, and can store and upload the data record of the instrument test at the same time. The instrument provides a standard communication interface protocol, which is convenient for users to embed the system or the needs of secondary design and development. It is an ideal tool for current optical fiber engineering maintenance and communication teaching and research.



1.        3.5 inch color screen display

2.        90dB dynamic range

3.        Supports up to 45 calibration wavelengths

4.        Threshold setting pass/fail alarm function

5.        Wavelength automatic identification function

6.        PMAX/PMin real-time test

7.        Frequency light detection function

8.        Store 1000 data

9.        Visual fault detector function

10.     Provide real-time data reading function, convenient to embed system application




Product name

FOT3220 Optical Power Meter

Optical Power Meter

 Detector type


Detector area


Wavelength test range (nm)


Measuring range (dBm)


+26 -65

Default calibration   wavelength (nm)


Total number of wavelengths   that can be calibrated

Maximum support 45   (customizable)

Minimum display resolution   (dB)


Uncertainty (dB)


Linearity (dB)

0.05dB(+10dBm -60dBm)


0.1dB(-60dBm -70dBm)

Frequency identification (Hz)  

270, 330, 1K, 2K

Units of measurement

dBm, dB, xW


FC, SC, ST, LC, Φ2.5mm,   Φ1.25mm

screen size

3.5 inch TFT color screen

Visual fault locator

Wavelength (nm)


Output power (mW)


other parts

Power supply

3.7V 4000mAh lithium   battery/Micro USB

Automatic shutdown time (min)


Communication Interface

Micro USB /USB-TypeB   (optional)

Working temperature ()


Storage temperature ()




Weight (g)




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