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FOT-830 Network Tester

Integrate multiple functions of LAN verification, solve the problems encountered in construction wiring and network connection, analyze link quality and cable indicators, and generate test reports.


Equipment specification sheet:




130 x 70 x 24mm


158g (excluding battery)

Operating temperature

0~40 ℃

Storage temperature

-20~70 ℃

Charging temperature

0~35 ℃

Ambient humidity

<= 95%

External power supply

Mini USB interface,   5V,1.5A(Max.)


Lithium ion battery, 3.7V,   2400maH, replaceable

Charging time

About 2.5-3 hours.

Battery time

About 4-6 hours (depending   on test items and working mode)


Functional characteristics




2.2-inch color display,   resolution 220x 176pixels

LED indication




Extended storage

Micro-SD(TF) card, maximum   8G

Application communication interface

USB2.0 FS,12Mbps

Network test port

1x network communication   port, 1x analog test port

PoE standard

IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at

Ethernet interface

RJ-45, 10/100/1000Mbps Adaptive (* 1)

Support twisted pair standard

Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6

Network protocol support


Digital audio output level


Number of supported cable   IDs


* 1000Mbps mode is only enabled in twisted pair test mode, and the port will be set to 10/100M adaptive in network communication mode.




Twisted pair test

It is a comprehensive test project, including three projects: cable diagnosis, line speed package test and impedance test. The three items can be tested automatically with one key or individually. The twisted pair test uses the left test port (NETWORK).



Network test

It is also a comprehensive test item, including ports, POE, device discovery, and Internet access. You can use one-key automatic test, or you can test separately after entering the function. The network test uses the left test port (NETWORK).


Line drawing

The function uses the analog interface on the right. To use this function, you need to cooperate with the remote line sequence adapter. When in use, connect one end of the cable under test to the right port of the NL830, and connect the other end to the wire sequence adapter.

     Two types of remote line sequence adapters are currently provided:

     1: Independent RA-20A remote adapter in the standard configuration.

     2: The tail port (RA-20B) of the NT-120 audio line hunting probe is optional.


PING test

Realize the basic connectivity test from NL-830 to an IP node, and detect the connectivity and stability of the IP node through the customizable ICMP packet options. Use the left (Network) port. The PING test process mainly analyzes the maximum and minimum time, the average time and the number of lost packets. The test results can be visualized through the chart, the y-axis coordinate is the data packet delay (ms), and the x-axis coordinate is the sending data packet.

test tools

Contains 4 independent auxiliary test functions, including tone generator, port flashing, reflector mode and cable ID identification. Use the up and down direction keys to select and press [Enter] to enter the test window.


System settings

Option, used to set the working parameters of the NL-830. After all the project settings are completed, you must press the <Save> button to confirm and make it effective.

Local IP setting: You can manually set the local IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server addresses. If there is a DHCP server in the network, the relevant setting information can also be automatically obtained through DHCP.

Date and time setting: Set the NL830 real-time clock. The test report is automatically inserted when the test result is saved.

Language setting: Support simplified Chinese and English user interface display.

Backlight brightness: adjust the NL830 LCD screen backlight brightness adjustment range: 10%-100%.

Prompt tone: key tone on and off operation.

System Information: Display device model, software and hardware version and MAC address of the machine.

Memory card management: Manage the working directory for saving test data on the memory card, the "Create Directory" button is used to create a working directory for saving test reports on a new memory card, and "Delete File" is used to delete jobs All test reports in the catalog.

Report generation

NL-830 supports automatic generation of test reports, can be converted into PDF reports and supports direct printout. When you need to use the ReportView software to generate and print a test report.


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