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FOT: PG-5 Ratchet Cable Slitter

For removing all layers of insulation on cables with diameters of over 25mm

Suitable for longitudinal and circular cutting 

Cutting depth can be adjusted from 0-5mm 

Replaceable blade(both sides can be used)

By using the adjusting screw, the cutting depth(0-5mm)

 can be adjusted according to the thickness of the outer insulation 

To begin cutting in either direction,

the blade is pressed and guided by operator's


The cutting of the outer insulation is achieved

by means of small movements and pressure on gear towards the insulation at the same time

The blade can be turned between length and diameter cutting at any time 

In order to remove the joint of the insulation the blade must be pressed into the insulation




Item   No


Cable   Diameter

Cutting   Depth



Communication   cable 

MV   Cable(PVC constructed)

LV   Cable(PVC insulation)

MV   Cable(PVC insulation)






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