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Optical Fiber Fast Connector

The Field Assembly Connector products have been factory-polished, eliminating the need for any polishing materials, thereby enabling the preparation and termination of optical fibres in a fraction of the time of other conventional methods. The connector also uses V-groove mechanical splice principals and therefore the use of an epoxy is not required for the termination of the connector. This Fast Connector offers convenience in assembling and strong stability. It allows simple optical core connection without any additional practices, or adhesives. It does not require a working space by connecting itself in the challenging environments such as a telephone pole and a manhole. It reconnects the cables and reduces the connection defect rate by an installer error in the field.



Applicable for

3.0/2.0/0.9mm   cable

Fiber mode


Connector type


Insert loss

≤0.3dB (1310nm   & 1550nm)

Return loss

APC≥60dB PC≥50dB

Fastening   strength of naked fiber

≥ 5N

Tight clamping   force cladding

≥ 8N

Tensile strength  

≥ 50N

Using   temperature




  • Factory-installed fiber stub  

  • No  epoxy or polishing required  

  • Quick and easy fiber termination in the field

  • Eliminates cable excess length and pigtail splice storage  

  • Cost effective 



  • Patch  panels  

  • Distribution   frames   

  • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks  

  • FTTH Outlets

  • Connection at the desk for LAN environments

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