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Optical Measurement Laboratory of BIT purchases FOT optical power meters, fiber fusion splicers, etc.


The Optical Measurement Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology( BIT) was founded in 1955. It is the chief professor of the school's second-level doctoral degree in testing measurement technology and instruments, the deputy director of the Optical Testing Special Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, and the vice of the Theory and Application Research Society of the Chinese Metrology and Testing Society The director, the National Defense Science and Technology Commission Planning and Standardization Committee and the laboratory accreditation committee are units, senior members and directors of China Metrology and Testing Society.

In recent years, we have introduced the laser digital wave front phase-shifting interferometer from ZYGO, the COD video MTF test system from OPTIKOS, and the laser dual-frequency length-measuring system from Renishan. Independent research and development of a number of precision optical measuring instruments and metrological standards, such as: optical transfer function analyzer and standard lens, photoelectric optical wedge goniometer and small angle standard angle gauge, focal length standard lens, polarized stress gauge, optical curvature radius measurement Instrument, infrared stress birefringence tester, imaging system uniformity analyzer, photoelectric type optical parameter comprehensive test platform, tiny digital optical bench, etc. Actively participate in scientific research, teaching, technical services and industrial development of national (defense) optical and geometrical measurement.


In order to expand the related optical fiber testing and research work recently, the Optical Measurement Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology needs to purchase a batch of high-quality, high-precision fiber optic equipment, such as, optical fiber fusion splicer, optical fiber cutter and optical power meter. After rigorous review and testing, the equipment selected for FOT production and sales was finally selected.