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Qingdao Fibra Opticas Tek attended the 20th China international photoelectric exposition


      Qingdao Fibra Opticas Tek co., ltd. participated in the China international photoelectric exposition (CIOE2018) with its optoelectronic testing and measurement products. The series of products of optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) have been widely concerned by customers at home and abroad

       The products in the exhibition cover all the testing equipment in the optical fiber communication system. Mainly includes optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR)series (Mini OTDR, Smart OTDR, Multi - function OTDR, Cloud OTDR) base class, handheld instrument (handheld optical power meter, light source, multi-purpose table, variable optical attenuator, PON power meter, return loss tester, cable survey instrument), desktop high precision testing instrument (high precision adjustable optical attenuator, desktop multi-channel stable light source, desktop multipass light power meter), modular test equipment (OTDR module, adjustable light attenuation module), etc. It can be widely used in the development, development and testing of fiber optic cable, construction of optical communication network, daily maintenance and troubleshooting. To better serve customers, Qingdao Fibra Opticas Tek launched the nork fiber optic cable health monitoring cloud platform (FOT optical cloud) to provide customers with one-stop solution of product and service.